Jim Jackson has been a lifesaver. His continued education and support with a very difficult area, tax issues, has allowed me to work out solutions without being totally consumed by the stress associated with this subject. Even though it's difficult to solve such stressful problems, it is invaluable to have someone to talk about it with and to plan strategy with. Thanks for all the help, Jim.


I recommend James Jackson to anyone with tax or IRS problems. He's the best at dealing with IRS agents I've found. He has the patience and experience to work with them and not also roll over. I've referred him to numerous friends and they all report back similar experiences - and thank me for the referral!


I have been a client of James J. Jackson for 3 decades. Mr Jackson has shown great ability in his knowledge of tax laws and procedures. His competence has saved me much money and difficulties. He is a concerned CPA and attorney who has the faculty to look at situations and present the best method of problem solving. I certainly value his judgment and caring manner. He walks the extra mile to make a satisfied and happy customer. I would certainly recommend him as a very professional and skilled expert who has a track record of producing results.

B.J. Scottsdale, AZ.85250

I had a dangerous situation with the IRS. My husband had been a principal of a company that had gone out of business. I was not an employee of that company nor was I on the board, but since I was married to someone who was, the IRS went after me and potentially my own business for back taxes owed by my husband’s business. The IRS contacted me through my accountant who advised me to ignore the notices. The severity of the notices grew more grim and I was still advised to ignore them. It was literally the final hour before they were going to take action against me and my assets. Fortunately I sought a second opinion and consulted with Mr. Jim Jackson. He gave me the truth that my previous accountant was incorrect and taking the wrong strategy with the IRS. I had almost lost without my side even being heard. Mr. Jackson put together all the documents quickly, contacted the IRS in my behalf, explained the situation to them and bought some time. He then put together the actual data and why I was not personally liable for this. He won a judgment with the IRS in my favor. He literally saved my financial life. I cannot recommend Mr. Jackson more highly. I found him very easy to work with. He was in very good communication and his manner was unflappable, even though mine was close to hysteria. His approach of getting into communication with the agent, who is a human being after all, and using his knowledge of the tax code to argue the case of his client is second to none. Sincerely, R.W.


To Whom It May Concern: I am the CEO of a sunglass and hat distribution company. James Jackson is my longtime tax attorney. He is efficient and honest. His 40 years experience as a CPA combined with 20 years as a tax attorney, makes me very comfortable having him handle my taxes. His professional expertise in knowledge of tax law has proved itself very helpful. His outstanding service has made me a permanent client. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants top-of-the-line service in this field.  

David A. Scheff

Jim Jackson is a master for dealing with the IRS on sticky issues like audits and collections issues, quite possibly the best there is. I highly recommend him for both personal, business and nonprofit issues. (Name withheld on request.)