Tax Preparation

I have prepared thousands of tax returns since 1969. I have prepared individual, corporate, fiduciary, and partnership tax returns for the last 42 years. I have seen the tax laws go through a myriad of changes.

When I first starting preparing taxes, the maximum federal tax rate was 77%! (now it is only 39.6%, so that is good, thanks in large part to Ronald Reagan.). On the other hand, when I first started doing taxes, the social security earnings ceiling was $7,800. In 2010 it was $118,500! Many business owners now pay more in social security tax than they do in income tax.

You have probably heard in news stories about how the same set of numbers can be given to 10 different accountants, and you will get 10 different tax returns from these accountants.

This is probably true. You want to pick out the accountant that 1) gives you the lowest tax figure possible and 2) gives you a defensible tax return if you get audited. Balancing those two factors can require good judgement which years of experience can give.

If you want your tax return prepared, you should call me.

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