Asset Protection

Asset protection strategies are the devices and legal tools you can use to protect your assets from creditors, including the IRS. Without expert asset protection you can find yourself in a situation similar to driving without car insurance or leaving your house during the day without locking the door. Much of expert asset protection is simple common sense, often overlooked when you need to protect against lawsuits, protect against creditors, and protect against the IRS.

If you are unable to enter into a payment plan or other settlement with IRS or while you are working on a settlement with IRS, asset protection strategies are used to protect your assets from levy and seizure. There is nothing wrong or “illegal” with protecting your assets, no more than it is illegal to put your money into a safe or closing up your wallet after paying a bill. And there is nothing more upsetting than waking up in the morning and discovering that all your checks have bounced because of a bank levy.

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